Supporting anticipatory care for long term conditions management

Anticipatory care has been explained in the literature as approaches, which aim to prevent the development of long-term conditions as well as supporting the management of people who currently suffer from them. For health professionals, the move to adopting ‘anticipatory care’ signals opportunities and challenges in optimising care/service delivery.Critically explore and evaluate the relationship between anticipatory care and long-term conditions prevention and management, discussing how its application can contribute to promoting and optimising the health and well-being of individuals and populations.NB The essay should be addressed from the perspective of the named award being studied which is health and social care anticipatory care tool kit (very important)learning outcomes should be identified and shown critical writing:Critically explore and evaluate the health burden associated with Long Term Conditions and their contemporary focus within health care policyCritically analyse and evaluate the bio-psychosocial impact of long term conditions on individuals, carers, families and societyCritically discuss and evaluate contemporary models of Anticipatory Care which support the collaborative management of individuals with Long Term Conditions and targeting interventions for high risk groups within the populationCritically explore and evaluate the role of the health professional/practitioner regarding the utilisation of Evidence Based PracticeCritically discuss and evaluate the contribution of partnership working within and across health, social care sector and other relevant contributors.

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