Supporting Learning in the Care Environment

This is from the Module Guide and important as this comes in two sections. Guidelines for Assessment There are two parts to the assessment of this module 1) A Verbal/Oral Learning commentary 2) An Electronic Portfolio of evidence Verbal Learning Commentary The learning commentary is where you will make the case for your achievement of the learning outcomes. This is the place where you will make the case that you have achieved the five module learning outcomes. The commentary should be structured in the style of an essay, eg providing an introduction, core and conclusion. The commentary should be no more than 10 minutes in length. The purpose of the commentary is to provide a convincing argument that you have achieved the five module learning outcomes and that the portfolio contains evidence of that achievement. The features of the commentary are: It should be reflective in nature it should reflect on your learning achievement. The reflection should integrate theoretical principles and practice and relate these to the first five module learning outcomes. It should make a case for achievement of the learning outcomes. Note the language of the learning outcome and consider carefully how you can put forward a clear argument for your learning achievement. It should be spoken at a level appropriate to Level 6 (See Criteria for Oral/Verbal Presentations, which can be found on the module homepage in ilearn). It should be a spoken file tailored specifically to the module requirements. It should conform to the requirements of good academic practice and include references to published material It should demonstrate your engagement with the theoretical component of the module. It should demonstrate how your new learning will integrate into, and impact on, your practice. It should make explicit the role the evidence plays in your learning achievement and its relationship to the commentary. It should be constructed to include an introduction and conclusion. Evidence in the Portfolio Section The evidence you present should strengthen your case by substantiating or corroborating your claims. If you claim that you have observed the practice of a worlds leading expert and that resulted in your improved practice there should be clear evidence of this within your portfolio. It is no accident that the term evidence has been selected. You are probably more familiar with it in the context of law. In a court of law the counsel will make the case (compare with the learning commentary) and will produce evidence to strengthen the case (compare with the evidence presented in the portfolio). To take the analogy a little further the jury is not faced with several bags of evidence and required to draw their own conclusion. The counsel will lead them through the evidence reflecting on how the fingerprint, blood-stained jacket and shotgun add up to a cast-iron case against the accused. It is your job to use the learning commentary, which you will write especially for your portfolio, to demonstrate that the evidence you present produces a cast-iron case for learning! Evidence may take any form and there are countless examples of items which may be used as evidence. Each piece of evidence presented will probably have some of the following characteristics: It may relate to an opportunity for learning attendance at a conference or workshop as a delegate would be an example. Attendance itself will not be proof that you learned anything you may have been the delegate fast asleep at the back of the hall! The learning commentary however will show how listening to the speakers made you interested enough to read more about the subject or change your practice in some way. It may have inspired discussion with your colleagues which prompted questions you felt compelled to research and so on. It may have provided a knowledge base to help you improve your practice. It may be the product of learning you may have written an essay to explore your understanding of theory, written a reflection of an event, made notes on an important text or written a critique of an educational paper. The ilearn discussion postings which are compulsory come into this category. The learning commentary should show how this resulted in your learning and perhaps a change in your ideas or practice. It may be a device to assist the learning of others. You may choose to create a portfolio which in the longer term will support you as a tutor in the clinical environment and include resources created with this in mind. Examples could be a handout/quiz designed for students, a presentation e.g. PowerPoint with notes or a lesson plan. You will need to make it clear in the commentary somewhere what each item is, how and why it was created or collected and how it relates to your achievement of meeting the module learning outcomes.

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