The current roles of men and women at work

Although the number of women on boards of directors and in top management positions in organisations all around the world is increasing it remains low, and is growing at a very slow pace … Research into the reasons for the lack of female representation in higher management positions has attributed it to workplace barriers, insufficient numbers of qualified women further down the career ladder, discriminatory stereotyping of leadership attributes as male attributes, incompatibility between job structure and the demands of raising a family, and self-imposed barriers. There is evidence of both horizontal and vertical segregation and consequences of gender discrimination include the gender pay gap. (Segovia-Perez, Figueroa-Domecq, Fuentes-Moraleda & Munoz-Mazon, 2018) Critically evaluate the above statement considering the current roles of men and women at work and likely future work roles of men and women in the UK. Use appropriate evidence and examples to support your answer.

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