The effects of single parenting

Thus far this semester, you have read about rhetorical situation, classical, Rogerian, and Toulmin structure, arguments of fact and definition, and academic arguments. In your essays of fact and definition, you used three sources in each–your research–to back up your arguments, and in your academic essay, you’re using those six plus three more. In this fourth paper, you’re presenting the different ways of framing the issue, and you’re choosing one that strikes you as most true, useful, and/or illuminating. Assignment (190–100 for the essay and 90 for the annotated bibliography):You will search your sources for two or three different ways of framing your subject, one of which strikes you as most true, useful, and/or illuminating. You will choose the argument structure that you think works best for the project, and you will use its parts (outlined in the textbook), as headings. In your thesis statement, you will indicate the two or three different frames; you will also indicate which one you favor and, generally, why. Remember, a thesis statement can be built of two or more sentences. In your body paragraphs, you will show each frame at work in the research, giving each frame its own paragraph or two. In one or two paragraphs, you will also show which one you favor and specifically why. In your conclusion, you will offer some counterargument, covering an advantage or two of the alternative frames but then reiterating why the frame you favor is best.

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