The Feasibility of Anti-Corruption Initiatives in Saudi Arabia

Methodology/Theoretical Framework Assignment Instructions. Please review Professors instructions. I will also be adding some attachments. Professor Feedback and specific instruction This is clearer than the last version. I understand better what you are proposing. You are proposing essentially a meta-study (a study of studies). This is a legitimate approach, but it is important to be very careful not to merely review and summarize other researchers work (that would be a literature review, which is not original research). In the methodology your thesis, you will need to be more detailed and specific about the coding of studies, how you will analyze the coded data, and how you define success (since your hypothesis is about the success of anti-corruption initiatives). Methodology This section further elaborates on your findings in the literature review and concentrates on the gaps found. This section shows how the student will test their thesis question. The student will describe the data to be used to test their hypothesis, the methods to be used and the potential limitations of the project. See page 45 of the Capstone EOP Manual for details. Theoretical framework The theoretical framework develops the theories or models to be used in the study and shows how you plan to develop your research hypothesis or statement. Make sure to relate it to the gap you identified in the literature and the larger theory or model into which it fits. You should highlight the larger theory and how it fits into your thesis here but don’t forget to tie it together in the final conclusion of the paper. See page 45 of the Manual for more detail.

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