The progressing negative effects of standardized testing.

U3 Researched Essay Assignment I’ve already completed 7 of the required pages I was just hoping I could have a couple more pages added on with scholarly sources. In this essay, you will use further research to develop your argument from one of your essays in units 1-2. You must further specify your claim, explore and rely on additional research, and develop your reasoning accordingly, using appropriate formatting and citation. The essay must draw on at least eight sources, at least four of which must be scholarly with the remainder substantive, and all of which must be cited and documented ethically. Due: Thursday, 12/6, by 11:59 pm. Post to Blackboard Minimum 3500 words, double-spaced, 12 pt. Times New Roman font, 1-inch margins. Include a title, page numbers, and Works Cited page. MLA or APA formatting and citation (be consistent to the style you choose) Evaluation: This essay is worth 25% of your grade in the course. You will be graded on the following: A debatable claim that is clearer and more precise than any previous essay, and updated to include the development of your argument. Logical reasons or subclaims that support your claim Textual evidence that demonstrates the validity of your reasons, interpreted and reasoned with in support of your claim Thoughtful acknowledgement of possible opposing perspectives where necessary Appropriately college-level writing and presentation, including correct citation and style Details: The Unit 3 Essay should be written for an audience of scholars who are interested in your topic; you will need to demonstrate the importance of your argument to them and address them in a scholarly manner. Begin with an introductory section of paragraphs that spells out the context for your argument, clearly depicts your conceptual problem, and launches the reader into the argument with a fully elaborated and debatable main claim. Your body paragraphs should include 3-5 sub-claims that are backed up by sufficient reasons and evidence. You must draw on at least eight sources, at least four of which must be scholarly with the remainder substantive, and all of which must be cited and documented ethically. Your paper should also acknowledge one or more objections to your main claim or sub-claims and respond to it/them convincingly, in order to build your character and demonstrate your sophisticated understanding of the problem to your reader. You should then end the paper with conclusion that restates the problem and your solution. If you do not correctly cite your material, your paper cannot be graded, and once you resubmit you will automatically lose a letter grade. You must reach the minimum word count, and should not be surprised if you exceed it, since you are required to work with in-depth evidence. If you merge both your U1 and U2 essays, you must get permission from me in advance and discuss a separate word count and source count.

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