The Role of Capacity Building for Agricultural Extension Officer and Development in Rural Agricultural Development Authority, Jamaica

Part A- Research Proposal
This assignment was started by another writer. Please read the research proposal and provide a Significance of the Study.
Part B- Literature Review Matrix
Please see attached rubric with references. Provide all new relevant references. Some of the references placed in the matrix may still be applicable. I have uploaded some journals which I think support aspect of the research. Please ensure that the articles, book, newspaper are placed correctly.For map/ matrix 15 references are required from 3 different type of source materials are required: newspaper, journal articles, books. Please see the attached matrix template which you may use or develop one of your own however the same information is required.Additional Information: RADA is in Jamaica. You can visit Jamaica Gleaner, Observer or Jamaica Information Magazine(JIS) to get newspapers articles that suitable for use to support different themes.

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