The Role of Internal Audit in activation of corporte governance

1- First of all, I need to do first the questionnaire and let the Questionnaire questions make agreement with research question 2- Then, Start writing the 5 chapters as following: Chapter 1: Introduction Chapter 2: Literature Review Chapter 3: Research Methodology Chapter 4: Result and Discussion Chapter 5: Summary, Conclusion. Please find Sample of table of contents, to find contents of each chapter ( 3 Pictures attached) Notes: 1-In this research, please focus on The Role of Internal Audit in activation of corporate governance in Saudi Arabia companies and banks only. 2-Please avoid plagiarism, because I will put it in Turnitin! and the similarity report it must be less than 25% 3-Also, Please find the attached my research proposal (Attached), and its okay if you add more points in objective of the study. Or Hypotheses of the study. 4-And find research paper (attached) to do same walkthrough.

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