The understanding of the Exploring Strategic Management module

Do not only talk about the simulation game, pick one things of Core Approaches. (See ESM Closing Lecture.pptx). Emphasis on ANALYSIS. (How your understanding of this game and theories on models). A. What is strategy? (500 words +/- 10%) 1. What is strategy? a. Using your reading, how does this connect with your understanding of strategy? b. Explain different perspectives 2. What are some of the models the theories connected to strategy? 3. How did you (your team) use these models and theories to inform your decision-making process when taking part in the simulation game? 4. Can you evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of these models / theories? B. Strategy and the simulation game (500 words +/- 10%) = 450 minimum to 550 maximum 1. Describe the experience of taking part in the simulation game. 2. Did this affect your thinking regarding strategy as a theoretical and practical concept? 3. Evaluate your approach and make reference to other approaches that you did not follow. 4. Did any members of your team disagree regarding which strategy to adopt? If so, give details of the discussion, showing the logic behind why people felt the way they did. How did you decide which strategy to adopt? C. Reflection (500 words +/- 10%) 1. What have you learnt from this module? Please reflect upon: a. Working in a team b. The strategy you adopted c. The balance between theory and practice 2. How would you do this differently if you undertook the game again? 3. How might this experience affect your future managerial decisions? Use academic material to inform and support your choices. Move from the descriptive to the reflective stage. Evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the whole process.

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