To assess your ability to: Identify the method of workflow that is embodied in the companys system.

Analyze if the approach suggested is the most suitable for the companys lean environment. Recommend the approach most suitable for the companys lean environment. Integrate established operation management principles into the discussion. Write a business report based on the 5-step critical thinking decision making model. Action Items Read the case: Lean Systems at Autoliv case at the end of Chapter 6. Review the Grading Criteria (below). Review Business Brief Guidelines and Critical Thinking Process. Review the sample business briefs provided in the Week 1 Brief assignment and in the Business Brief Guidelines object. Write a 2-3 page business brief that includes the following: Case Background: You are an outside consultant hired by Takashi Harada to evaluate and make recommendations at Autoliv. Which method of work flow is embodied in Autoliv’s system? Is this approach most suitable to its lean environment? Check your writing style by using (See instructions under Submit To Grammarly in the MBA Toolbox.) Correct your business brief as needed. Content: All of the requirements are met in the assignment; main ideas are addressed; content is correct and of high quality Analysis/Synthesis: The information is understood and integrated well. It synthesizes relevant information and materials to provide evidence of critical thought Mechanics: Follows APA guidelines and correct grammar, sentence structure, and word choice was used. The brief paper is free of typographical and spelling errors

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