To conduct a strategic audit of the Allianz Group the report must contain:

The completion of this assignment requires the preparation of a strategic audit for the Allianz Group.This is a full written report that must use 1½ line spacing with a 12 point fonts, Times New Roman, with no minimum or maximum page limit. You can use any form of referencing for all external reference material as long as you are consistent throughout. The report should be divided into clear sections whereby you are answering each question. You are expected to structure your report using the strategic audit components (copy attached).1. An overview of the industry in which your company is currently competing.2. A discussion of the current situation of your company including a discussion of the company’s past performance and strategic posture.3. A discussion of the organization’s corporate governance4. A comprehensive discussion of the external environment. Please also remember to do an analysis of the primary competitors to your company, including a view of how your company is positioning itself in comparison to its competitors. Here, you have to reflect on Porter’s industry analysis model.5. A comprehensive discussion of the internal environment.6. Provide three possible strategies for the future. Then choose one of them as a go forward strategy recommendation based on your analysis. While answering this part, you have to be specific in terms of the strategies that are possible and then the final strategy that you will choose with a thorough explanation of the rationale.7. A discussion of the three factors most likely to positively and three factors most likely to negatively impact the implementation of the strategy.

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