To imagine and design a future society that you would like to see or that you imagine will actually exist beyond the year 2090.

To apply ideas from the course materials and readings that link the dynamics of material and non-material culture. You may use KEYWORKS readings and/or new readings by Futurists (either fictional or non-fictional). To consider social policies and cultural practices that you can advocate and consider to be realizable for the future. Format; Follow the style format for a term paper, using a title page, introduction, paragraphs that follow the basic outline below, then your summary conclusions. Use the ASA or APA style for any citations or references that you use. Length 6-8 double-spaced pages in 10 or 12 pt. font. Basic outline for the paragraphs of your paper; 1. Describe your society by its location, demographics and multicultural dimensions. Refer specifically to class, race/ethnicity, gender, age, and so forth. 2. Describe your society’s major institutions, determining the ideologically dominant institution (community, family, economy, polity/government, legal, religious, education, media/arts, and so forth). 3. Describe the people of your society in terms of their principles, goals, ambitions, dreams, and their guiding ideology. 4. Summarize the society’s basic material and non-material culture, describing the culture products (e.g. technologies) and the cultural values (e.g. moral idealism). 5. List 5 socio-cultural policies that would be part of your society that would show the value foundations of a just and sustainable society. You can think globally, nationally, and trans-nationally about your society; how does your society connect with our planetary world? 6. Briefly evaluate your society indicating whether it is one in which you would choose to live and explain WHY. Is it a society that expresses optimism or pessimism in your design? 7. Attach 2 graphic image (your own illustration, photo and one found) that are symbols of your future society.

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