To successfully craft a valid argument structure, you will need to offer different criteria and definitions for your argument these will act as your premises.

Since the evidence you choose will either fulfill or lack the criteria established in your thesis, you will then argue one side (we will look at examples of this sort of argument structure in class). Your argument structure needs to be present in the introduction this will serve as a guide to the remainder of your essay. In the body of your essay, you will expand on your premises, and then move into a discussion of the topic and your conclusion. You will start from general premises and move to a specific conclusion. While crafting your argument, do remember to provide a brief, general overview of your topic assume your audience has never seen it. However, do not overly summarize the topic; a short paragraph of context should be sufficient. Key Components:Valid Argument Structure Present
Overview of Topic
Operational Definitions of Key Terms
Appropriate Use/Citation of Sources
Expansion of Premises and Conclusion
Grammar / MechanicsRequirements:
You will also need to incorporate at least 3 outside sources that will help support your argument. These sources may be primary (interviews, evidence from outside sources) and/or secondary (reviews, articles). You should integrate each source somewhere within the body of your paper. Include correct, MLA formatted citations for each source used, as well as an MLA formatted works cited page. Keep your writing in the first and third person no second person narration (you, your, etc.)

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