To what extent were Lincolns wartime actions justifiable (or not) under the constitution?You may briefly consider if similar actions would be permissible today.

At times with the aid of congress, Lincoln conscripted hundreds of thousands of militia and private citizens, blockaded confederate ports, suspended the writ of habeas corpus, and seized/released human property. You may only use the following sources:
1. Corbett, Scott, et. al. U.S. History. Houston: OpenStax, 2014.
2. US constitution
3. Federalist paper 67
4. Lincolns first inaugural address
5. Lincolns proclamation on state militias, April 15, 1861
6. Lincolns message to congress on
July 4, 1861
7. Supreme Court justice Roger B. Tandys majority decision in Ex parte merryman
8. Confiscation acts of Aug. 6, 1861 and July 17, 1862
9. Lincolns ultimatum (sept 22, 1862)
10. Enrollment act of 1863
11. Emancipation proclamation

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