Transforming (Learning) Organizations through Leadership

SURVEY: (EXTERNAL LINK) Read the required article Is yours a learning organization, from the Harvard Business Review. The focus of communication moves from the individual to the organization. The authors recommend specific practices for learning enhancement in ones team and organization. The article also highlights three building blocks required for creating learning organizations. At the bottom of page 6 of the article, a web link is included where students can access a Qualtrics Survey. MBA 600 students are expected to complete the survey in full. To complete brief online survey, students should consider their current place of employment, or a previous employer. Answer honestly, and be sure to print out your final screen which summarizes the company or work units (departments) ability and willingness to learn and transform. These results speak to the work environments culture. To complete this activity, students should use the printed out score sheet summary to reflect on the organization. To successfully complete this activity, students should provide a copy of the summary score sheet, and provide a brief answer to these presented questions: Which of the three building blocks is a strong-suit for the organization? Which building block area requires more intentional commitment to improve? How can leadership affect the organization and its culture? Include suggestions for improved employee training, improved culture/reputation, and opportunities for future managers to transform the organization through leadership. Please be sure to include the name and description of the organization you referred to when answering the survey. HARVARD ARTICLE: (external link)

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