Upon receiving approval of your IV and DV, you may complete your project.Here is my chosen, look at the table, then complete the worksheet:

Complete the Project Worksheet prior to running your analyses to obtain approval of your chosen independent (IV) and dependent (DV) variables. NOTE: No two students from the same class section can investigate the same IV and DV.Look at the sample in Additional files, highlight and complete it like that, but make sure it is accurate, then talk to me. Chat with me to get an SPSS data set, since the system doesn’t allow me to upload it. 1. Identify the dataset used: Student Health
2. For each variable, identify the level of measurement, appropriate descriptive statistics to report, and an appropriate graph to create.
3. Determine the appropriate inferential statistical test to run to investigate your research question.

Number 8: IV: What is your sexual orientation?
Number 44: DV: Have you ever been tested for HIV?

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