Use extended definition to redefine or more narrowly define one of the following terms: family. Use your extended definition to say something fresh and relevant about this abstract and commonly used term.

We all think we know what we mean by these terms, but you should use your extended definition to comment on or add to social perceptions. For example, you might say that education is commonly perceived as something formal that happens in an institution, but that there are other forms of education.
Is my essay topic clear to my reader in the first few sentences of the paragraph?Does my introduction lead the reader to expect specific stages in the developmental section of the paper?Does this paragraph match the tone of the rest of the essay?Is there a strong, full, suitably narrowed and clearly worded thesis statement?Developmental Paragraphs:
Does each paragraph include a clear topic sentence?Have I fully analyzed the topic under study?Have I used a variety of rhetorical methods, as appropriate?Is each paragraph nicely unified and linked to the essay as a whole?Conclusion:
Does this paragraph signal that the essay is complete?Does this paragraph suggest the larger significance of my ideas?Does this paragraph unify the essay into an artistic whole?Does this paragraph match the tone of the rest of the essay?

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