Use the graph provided and reflects on your personal Temperamental Traits. on the chart distinguish which style you believe you most reflect and why?(Easy/Flexible), (Slow to Warm/Fearful),

Provide 2 examples for each one reflecting on your personal style & explain.
Include with each example whether you are High Level, Moderate/Medium Level or Low Level. NOTE: Task #1 is to be completed in the chart provided that expands as you type. Using Arial 12 Font Only Task #2Reflect on your Attachment Case Study (Sonia)
Compare your personal temperament style with that of Sonias. Speak to 4 of the 9 temperament traits that you would like to compare and comment on. You are comparing 4 of your traits to 4 of Sonias. Show this in a graph/power point or chart form.

What implications does this have for your practice with this child? Tell me.(e.g. Goodness of Fit What do you need to consider or need to change to support her needs based on your traits and hers? What is your focus after reviewing your traits and hers?
Now provide 2 specific strategies to best support Sonias individual strengths and 2 areas that require strengthening that you see emerging but needs support.

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