Using a questionnaire design, develop an evaluation instrument (the students test). Include both an evaluation key (exam key identifying the correct answers) for the instructor and a blank exam that can be copied and given to students as if they were in a traditional classroom setting. An important point to remember is that the evaluation should be focused on your objectives.

If items (questions) do not measure something that supports the objectives, it should not be included on the student evaluation. (1 page)
3. Develop an estimated Training Cost Analysis (i.e., calculate an estimated Return on Investment (ROI). Many training textbooks list comprehensive ROI methods and you will need to find and use (and cite) one of those models. Most models are very similar. (1 1/2 page)
1. What are the operational results of your training? That is, what are you trying to improve (refer to your objectives).
2. How will you measure those results?
3. What were the results before training?
4. What are the results after the training? (Since the training has not actually occurred, you will estimate the results.)
5. What is the difference between the results before and after the training expressed in dollars? This is, in effect, your benefit or ROI. The ROI can be positive, negative, or zero.
6. Based on your ROT, discuss the feasibility of conducting your training. That is, is your training worth doing based on the return it will provide?
7. If your ROI was positive, discuss at what point (or at what ROI) it would
NOT be feasible to conduct the training and why.

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