Using five-day freight saves 750 Riyal (SAR), but the primary consideration is holding cost, which is 38 Riyal per unit per year. Al Baik must ship 2000 units. In a 4-5-page paper, which alternative would you recommend to the supply chain manager and why?

Critical Thinking: Al Baik must ship replacement parts for their ovens, and the supply chain manager must choose between two shipping alternatives: two-day freight, and five-day freight. Make certain for each listed reference that you have at least one supporting citation in the body of your content. References: – Albuloushi, N., & Algharaballi, E. (2014). Examining the influence of the cultural aspects of uncertainty avoidance on supply chain coordination. The Journal of Applied Business Research, 30(3), 847-862. -Davis-Sramek, B., Fugate, B. S., Miller, J., Germain, R., Izyumov, A., & Krotov, K. (2017). Understanding the present by examining the past: Imprinting effects on supply chain outsourcing in a transition economy. Journal of Supply Chain Management, 53(1), 65-86. – Livanis, G., Robertson, C. J., Al-Shuaibi, K. M., & Hussain, K. (2016). Outsourcing destination choices: The role of economic and cultural attributes. International Marketing Review, 33(1), 51-87. – Nero, A. (2018). A STUDY ON IMPROVING THE BUSINESS PROCESS OF QUICKSERVICE RESTAURANTS (QSR) USINGVALUE CHAIN MODEL. International Journal of Management Research and Reviews, 8(4), 23-30. Retrieved from – Ray, C. D., Michael, J. H., & Scholnick, B. N. (2006). Supply-chain system costs of alternative grocery industry pallet systems. Forest Products Journal, 56(10), 52-57. Retrieved from

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