view on service operations in iPhone supply chain management.

1. There are several successful value-added services that make iPhone the most profitable product (or as a platform) in history. For example, i-Tune service, App store (many 3rd party developers create application software for free and Apple has 30% cut on revenue when selling it on App store, how brilliant!), Apple Music (after spent thousands on iTune music in past 10 years, now Apple told me to pay $15 per month for family to forget about the iTune money I have spent, ummm, it is smart…) Obviously to offer such innovative services (or business models) on iPhone, Apple must has a team to run innovative and efficient operations to manage and support those services. Please share your views. What types of service operations required to deliver value-added services to iPhone product? Require minimum 100 word counts to the above statement and question. 2. Some types of service operations that are required to deliver value-added services to iPhone products include an IT department, a software development department, a customer support department, and perhaps a technical support department. An IT department can help run the security of apps, websites, and forms of payment for all Apple services. A software development team will ensure that websites and apps are user friendly and are constantly being updated. They are the marketing of the company, in addition to the ease of accessibility. A customer support department can answer and assist all customers with questions related to products and services. This can be questions on how to use the device, or even questions about warranties. Finally, a technical support department can help with issues related to the product or service. They can assist in what is needed to send the device in for inspection, how to fix common software bugs, or even replace batteries and screens. Provide opinion feedback to statement no.2 with a minimum word count of 50.

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