Watch one of the following documentaries and write a blog post. Note that these videos may contain potentially sensitive content. 1:Raised Without Gender Youtube Link: 2: The Red Pill – A Feminist’s Journey into the Mens Rights Movement Streamable on Amazon Prime and other services.

Link to movie site: should demonstrate that you have watched the documentary and contribute substantive commentary to the materials. Commentary can be reactions, personal experiences, anecdotal information, etc. DO NOT SUMMARIZE THE DOCUMENTARY. Instead, you may raise questions, describe agreements or disagreements with the authors point of view, insert hyperlinks to any additional content (e.g., news articles, videos, books) and relate them to the readings, relate the reading to other readings in the course, and/or relate readings to your personal experiences. As with all assignments, blogs are expected to be well written, professional, and respectful to the opinions and reactions of others.

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