watch ONE of the Ghibli movies, My Neighbor Totoro, Princess Mononoke, or Spirited Away, that are available in the Content in D2L, and analyze it in terms of the themes that we will cover in the class, namely place, time, and power.

(Unfortunately, the resolution of images in the streaming movies is quite low. If you have easy access to the movie, you might want to watch in the alternative way, such as Netflix and Amazon Prime etc..) After that, write a paper (Min. of 1000 words) that is a critical analysis of the movie. In your paper, you describe and discuss how the three themes in Japanese religion are presented in the movie. This is not a film review, so you do not need to recount the story. Nor is this a research paper. However, you are required to use the movie and the course materials to support your argument with specific examples. If you are aiming for extra credit, please write a longer paper (1500 words). Your paper should: contain a clear and well developed thesis statement please highlight your thesis statement within the text by typing in bold font be well organized and coherent with your thesis includes introduction, body, and conclusion illustrated with specific examples include proper citations whenever you borrowed someone elses idea MLA style is preferred parenthetical style in the body preferred ex. (Craig, 41) no separate sheet of reference/bibliography necessary be proofread before submission should be free of errors of style, usage, grammar, and spelling be typed in reasonable sized font (no larger than 12)

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