We’ve seen film clips of other presidents in this class, and the question was asked, is this president believable?

No Plagiarism is allow, specific instructions and supporting documents are under additional filesDonald Trumps
Inauguration Speech
January 20, 2017Donald Trumps Inaugural Address was directed at the American people. It was striking for both its bleakness and its scorching, mainstream promises for a better future. His presidential campaign focused on the deterioration of America, and that his intention was to make America great again.#1) Please read the complete instructions FIRST!#2) NEXT read the following background, BEFORE you read the document:His speech was unusually dark and political. Past presidents inaugural speeches used a language of unity, positivity, and non-partisanship. In the past, inauguration were positive events designed to bring the country together, usually after a long and divisive campaign. But, instead, Trump chose to continue the negative approach he had used in his campaign rally speeches. President Trump looked much like the candidate Trump, and his speech was an extension of his strange rise to power, one that was viewed as impossible just months before.
Standing on the western front of the U.S. Capitol, Trump took a populist approach, arguing that the American people had spoken, and were finally getting what they wanted, a non-politician president, that would be their voice:January 20, 2017, will be remembered as the day that the people became the rulers of this nation again!Yet many Americans were not in that groupHillary Clinton, his Democratic rival, won millions of votes more than Trump. Additionally, it was noted that attendance at his inaugural, were much less than the two ceremonies for former President Obama.
Obamas speeches were delivered with a tone of optimism. Trump, by contrast, continued with his bleak, negative assessment of America. Trump did not offer the customary tributes to the nations past greatness; instead, he proclaimed that America had faltered as a country, and was in need of repair.#3) Read the document, it is attached to the Discussion Board #4 assignment, found in Assignments on our class home page.
Use this link to see the actual speech, you can read along with it:https://youtu.be/sRBsJNdK1t0#4) These are some questions to consider for your posts. Please, understand, it is not a requirement for you to answer all these questions. I prefer for students to make a relevant point or argument, based on their reactions to the document. But, if you need some direction, these are possible subjects:-Do you believe his main premise, that America was faltering, and that he would be the person that would Make America Great Again? – What parts of this speech do you feel make him believable, or NOT believable?-Trump has been in office for over a year now. Do you feel his vision is being realized, or NOT realized? Please give some examples.#5) Post your main discussion. PLEASE, make a relevant point about what you have read, and your reactions to it. Your original reply should be at least four paragraphs. Make some points or other arguments. It is perfectly fine to DISAGREE or have an adverse opinion.

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