What are compelling forces (why we want to change) that are driving the need to change?

Create a Bone Diagram that depicts: RELATED TO YOUR PROBLEM TOPIC: 1. Where are we now? (Current state and whats driving need to change?) 2. Where do we want to be? (Future state) 3. How might we get there? (just BRAINSTORM tactics and empirical evidence that you can share with your work group based on what you reviewed in literature and then just state what MIGHT BE CONSIDERED as strategic priorities to help educational organization improve or resolve the problem in practice.) Work with your pre-planning work group to identify current state, and future state related to SOLVING YOUR PROBLEM IN PRACTICE. Brainstorm about going from current state and HOW to get to future, or desired, state. Complete the bone diagram. Current State: Where does our organizational stand as it relates to problem and organizational context. Then, identify some drivers of changing. Strategies: How do we get to our desired state? You should BRAINSTORM AND use empirical evidence from your review of literature about what works under what conditions. Desired State: This is future what the organization looks like IF problem is resolved. The improvement will result in the desired state (closely related to vision). Rationale: One of the tasks of a leader who is leading the strategic planning process is to ask individuals on the strategic planning team to create a vision, or future state, of what they want the educational organization to look like if the problem were solved. In other words, before they can design strategic tactics or priorities to change the organization from its current state (with problem) to a future state (sans the problem), they need to be able to describe that future state.

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