What are key forces in the general and industry environments that affect the U.S. auto industry, and General Motors?

The case study is “General Motors”. The case will be a guided analysis. You will be provided three questions to address. Your completed document should be a minimum of two pages of text. Your response to each question should include analysis and critical thinking. The below link provides a “how to” guide for case analyses. I would strongly encourage you to read through the document and apply the information in the completion of the case. With that said, since I have provided specific questions to address, not all the information applies.
Questions to address:

What internal resources and assets does General Motors have to help counter the external forces?
What competitive strategy does General Motors use, and how might it position itself for future growth?
The case should be completed individually, not within your Capstone groups. One submission is required per individual. The case is due Sunday, November 11, and the submission should be in APA format. If you need a primer or refresher on APA format, I would encourage you to review the below link.

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