What are some major issues currently being debated at the national level that pertain to sex education in schools?

Write a paper on the status of sex education in schools and recommendations for the future
Purpose: The purpose of this assignment is to identify the problems and pitfalls of providing sex education in schools and to suggest ways to improve sex education for children and teens.
Instructions: Conduct a thorough review of the professional literature (at least 8 peer-review journal articles) and write a paper that includes the following:2) What are some problems or challenges facing teachers when it comes to sex education for children and teens?3) What solutions or strategies have been proposed to improve sex education in schools and for addressing current issues?4) What are the strengths and weaknesses of the various solutions or approaches to sex education in schools?5) How does sex education in US schools compare to sex education in schools in other countries? Provide examples.6) If you were instructed by the principal of your school to develop a working group on improving sex education in your school, how would you go about forming this group and who would you include, and why?7) Identify and describe one local and one national organization involved in promoting sex education among children and teens.8) What were your own experiences with sex education in schools when you were growing up? In looking back, what would you change and why? (FYI I only took basic high school health education before this but I would like you to work off what you remember from high school education and what you would like to change)Remember the following:
your paper should be 6-8 pages long (excluding cover page and bibliography).

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