What are the important factors in assessing the condition and risks for this patient?

The text of the written paper must be 3 4 pages not including the references page, title page and any pictures,
illustrations or charts. More details about the format of the report are given below. This paper must be in APA
The oral presentation should be 5-10 minutes. Every member of the team must participate in the presentation.
This is a formal presentation. Your diction, eye contact and stance are important. DO NOT READ YOUR
Case studies objectives.
1. A thorough analysis of the disease and symptoms.
2. Selection of necessary tests and means of gathering data to determine a cause.
3. Evaluation of lab results that allow you to determine or hypothesize the most likely
cause. (Clinical Cases only)
4. Specific characteristics of the etiologic agent or agents.
5. Determination of a potential treatment and patient care plan.
6. Extrapolation to determine a plan to prevent further spread of the disease.
7. Address all questions in your case study..
8. Review the grading rubrics to ensure you have included all necessary information and have followed
APA Citation StyleFormatting Basics
Your essay should be typed, double-spaced on 8.5 X 11 white paper.
1 inch margins on all four sides.
Use Times New Roman in 12 pt. font size.
Use a page header in the right-hand corner of each page. The header should include the first 2-3 words
of the title and page number.
A title page should be included and should show the header; a running head, which begins with the
words Running head: followed by an abbreviated titled of your paper typed in all caps and typed on
the left margin; the full title, your name, and school name are centered in the upper part of the page.
Do not include the abstract page.
Refer to the APA Citation Style for information on in-text citations and Reference page citations.
Criteria and Point Value for Team Cases Controlling Microbes
Expected Outcome
Unsatisfactory – did not meet
expectations (0-5 points possible)
Developing – demonstrates
partial completion
of expectations
(6-10 points)
Accomplished – demonstrates
achievement of
performance level
(11-16 points)
Mastery – demonstrates exemplary
achievement of
highest expectations
(17-20 points possible) Report Structure

The structure of the report is complete, using good grammar and spelling. Followed APA formatting. The report is incomplete and/or there are grammar errors. Proper formatting was not followed.
The report is complete, neat, & well-written. There are a few grammatical errors and//or a few mistakes in formatting.
The report is complete, typewritten, neat, well organized, & easy to follow. There are no grammatical errors or formatting errors.
The report is complete, typewritten, neat, well organized, & easy to follow. The report displays an effort to link format & content. Case Study Questions Answered

The report thoroughly answers the questions associated with the team case.
The report is missing data or inadequately answers the questions. The appropriate data are reported but the sources are not reliable or not cited.
The report fully answered all the questions using reliable, cited sources.
The report is thorough and displays critical analysis of the material (as compared to simply rewriting the information found on
the web). All questions are answered using excellent, cited sources.
Background information from the course or other microbial resources are used and cited.
Background information is limited. Clear background information and its significance is noted.
APA format is used for citations
Relevant sources from the class and text are used. The significance of the information is related and the text is cited.
Relevant sources from the text, as well as exceptional outside sources are integrated into the basis & reasoning of the report. References are correctly cited in text and reference page. Report Content
The final report displays information and data relevant to each role.
The final report is a team effort & integrates data identified and analyzed. Synthesis as a result of teamwork is evident.
The final report is a team effort & seamlessly integrates information.
Overlapping information and suggestions on a unified effort are clearly presented, well organized, & easy to follow. There is evidence of
critical thinking and good problem solving strategy. The situation is simply restated and problem solving is limited. The problem is not clearly identified.
Only a few grammatical or pronunciation errors.
The situation is evaluated; the problem is correctly identified and analyzed. The oral report has no grammatical errors and the presentation is coordinated, within the 5-10 minute time range and displays appropriate use of scientific vocabulary Team Case Study 9A middle-aged man presents to the emergency room with chest pain and is found to have suffered a heart attack. He has a past history of hypertension, non-insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus (NIDDM), and high cholesterol. Exploratory surgery shows he requires a triple bypass. This is performed on the 5th day of his hospital stay. During recovery, he develops septic shock with fever and pneumonia. Gram-positive cocci in clusters, isolated from both his lungs and the surgical incision, produce yellowish, -hemolytic colonies on sheep blood agar. Kirby-Bauer testing demonstrates that the organism is resistant to oxacillin, penicillin, erythromycin, and gentamycin, but sensitive to vancomycin. Treatment with vancomycin is, therefore, immediately initiated.

What is the differential diagnosis?

What is the most likely organism infecting this man? Explain your reasoning.

How would you confirm your diagnosis?

What was the portal of entry and mode of transmission of this organism?

How do you interpret the susceptibility data?

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