What are the key similarities and differences between phenomenology and hermeneutics?

I need the following discussion questions answered. Each answer needs to be no more than 300 words 1 page. These are different question so do not combine then together. Each question needs to have one source each.

WEEK 6 PSF8106
1. u06d1 Theory Comparison
Analyze the ontological, axiological, epistemological, and methodological tenets or assumptions of phenomenology and hermeneutics.
· What are the key similarities and differences between phenomenology and hermeneutics?
· Assess the challenges and strengths of phenomenology and hermeneutics in shaping practice and research.
Integrate the readings from this unit into your post. Cite your sources using APA 5th edition formatting guidelines.

2. u06d2 Research Study Analysis
Locate a research study that uses a hermeneutic or phenomenological perspective and analyze the ontological, axiological, and epistemological assumptions that the author makes. How is this manifested in the research questions, variables, instruments, data collection, and data collection procedures? Provide specific examples from the article when substantiating your argument. Be sure to include a full reference of the found article using APA formatting.

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