Write a 3000 word research essay about Ludwig Leichhardt, the Prussian explorer.

A 3000 word research essay. The essay is about Ludwig Leichhardt, the Prussian explorer. I have already submitted the biography part of the assessment and this essay has to be about the following: Because Leichhardt disappeared without a trace in 1848, how do the press releases i.e. newspaper articles of 1850 and 1860 on Leichhardts disappearance give us an insight into the life of late 19th century Australians. Possibly focusing on the relationship between white australians and black australians. Then a brief comparison of how newspaper articles on Leichhardt in the 1900s show us how Australian society has changed over 50 years.

A good source for Australian newspaper articles that i found online is trove.nla.gov.au

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