What are the problems caused by that particular area? Who is harmed under current law? What is the reform you would like?

In 750 to 900 words, identify an area of copyright law you believe should be reformed. Describe the
specific area you would like to see reformed, including the relevant statutory section. Then answer
the following questions: Why would your reform help solve the problem?
Who do you predict would ally with you and why? Who are the foes to your reform and why? What
are the arguments that would support your foes position?Be sure to include citations to at least five relevant sources that support your arguments. Your
sources do not necessarily have to support your ultimate recommendations, but should support
specific points made by you. Your sources can come from both the assigned readings and outside
sources.The area that I think should be reformed: copyright exceptions for libraries, the problems caused by this area is that there are many people not going to a library to access things and everything isn’t available on google books. I would want to know what constitutes a location as a “library”? My reform would help to solve this problem by opening up the guidelines of what a library and or museum consist of in such as way that honors the copyright holder AND the people have access to the work so that the legacy of the person or people aren’t lost. I think possibly community archives or personal libraries open to the public could aly with me. The argument that would support my foes position is that in order to protect the copyright owner there has to be a system set up and requirements to what a library and or museum is. I also want to argue why is it possible for Google Books to put up a magazine for example and I am not able to do the same with my company? IE: https://books.google.com/books/about/Vibe.html?id=QCgEAAAAMBAJ
And what agreements did the companies give to Google in which they allowed their archive to be published on their platform.copyright exceptions for libraries
In 2008, the Copyright Office received the Section 108 Report (www.section108.gov) which
details concerns with the current copyright exceptions for libraries and archives (and
discusses expanding the section 108 exceptions to museums). The independent study
group included a mix of copyright owners and copyright users; its work was cosponsored
by the Librarian of Congress and the Register of Copyrights. In sum, the 2008 report
concluded that section 108 fails to meet the needs of libraries and archives (and other
entities, such as museums) dealing with born-digital works, digital preservation and
conversion issues, as well as numerous types of uses and lending of works by patrons
of these institutions. Because some of the issues were implicated in the Google Book
Search litigation (including issues related to providing access to copyrighted works), some
stakeholders were wary of proceeding too quickly with legislative discussions. However,
because many of the issues are critical for libraries, in 2012 the Office will formulate a
discussion document and preliminary recommendations on these issues.
https://www.copyright.gov/docs/priorities.pdfIt must have the following:
Content: Analysis and Support of the Problem, Offers own analysis mostly beyond relying on study questions; gives concrete examples and relevant explanations.
Content: Analysis and Support of Proposal (x2) Demonstrates insight and independent thought; thorough development of major points. Organization/Logic Shows complex rhetorical
development. Paragraphs are tight, well structured and
logical. Mechanics, Assignment Guidelines and Instructions Few to no errors in usage, spelling, and
punctuation. Follows instructions thoroughly regarding word count, page length, and number of articles,issues etc. discussed or analyzed

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