What are the ramifications if the problem is or is not solved You need an extremely clear statement of the problem you are looking at. For example, dont tell me the company is losing sales.

Students will select a company with some type of management problem to focus their paper on. The paper will be 7-8 pages in length and must include proper citations. APA style is required. Research Paper Outline (Introduction) A very brief overview of the industry (one paragraph at most a short summary) and a basic Introduction/history of the company (one paragraph at most a short summary) that you are researching, Introduce the main themes of the paper and the approach that you are taking. Practice a persuasive tone. Hook your reader. What questions do you attempt to answer in your research? Introduce a thesis statement or question. Company issue Describe and define the problem facing the company. This should relate to the thesis statement or question that you proposed in the introduction What is the current situation? What led up to this problem? First, that would be Marketing, not Management. Second, that is not the problem, that is the result. They might be losing sales for some Management issue, such as poor leadership. If so, then Leadership is the Core issue, not the sales. DO NOT make this a Marketing paper. If you focus on Marketing topics, then you will get an extremely poor grade. SWOT Analysis The SWOT analysis should represent the current situation of the company related to the problem at hand the research question and thesis statement. For example, if your company issues is leadership, then the SWOT analysis will be the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats with regards to their leadership. It should NOT be a general overall company SWOT. Additionally, this is YOUR analysis, not one the company or someone else has already done. Use citations to support any information used in our analysis. Subheadings or bullet points can be used to separate points as long as you dont lose the integrity of the paper. Strengths What internal resources are in existence that can strengthen this company related to the problem at hand? Weaknesses What challenges will have to be overcome in resolving the issue? Opportunities What opportunities are present that will create success? Threats What threats (external) will hinder your efforts? Explanation of these points may be necessary to let the reader know how they relate to the issue at hand. Literature Review The literature review will discuss what academic literature has to say about the problem your company is dealing with. For example, if your company has issues with leadership, you might discuss the different types of leadership that literature identifies. What they are, what causes them, what are the positive and/or negative consequences of them, etc. This section should have at least 4-5 academic journal references. You should frame this literature discussion in such a way that it will relate to the discussion section below. This section and the discussion section should be the majority of the paper. Discussion Begin the discussion by restating or emphasizing your original research question or thesis statement. Discuss various alternative solutions to the issue, the probable impact, both positive and negative, of each one and back up your arguments with literature. Conclusion In conclusion, summarize the most important findings and your stated analytical opinion. Did the company do something to fix it, and did it work, why or why not? What should the company do and why (which alternative solution of yours should they implement?) Last final thoughts *A Note on Citations: In general, for this type and length of paper, you should have at least 8 sources, and on average 12 sources of information. These sources do not only represent quotations but also general ideas and information that has shaped your writing. Research Paper Rubric Introduction (15)- Provides an overview of the main themes in the paper. Introduces the company and the direction taken with the research. Identifies focal issues addressed in the paper. SWOT Analysis (20)-Format of the SWOT analysis is correct. Analysis and evaluation of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats are accurate. An analysis is NOT a general company SWOT but is related to the company issue that was researched. There is an identifiable distinction between internal and external variables as they pertain to the analysis. Literature Review (20)- Company Issue(s) identifies issue facing the company. Discusses the applicable situation/context. Discusses what academic literature has to say about the issues. Uses a minimum of 4-5 academic journal references. Discussion (20)- Various alternatives to solve issue are proposed. Arguments for each alternative are supported up by relevant academic literature. Discusses ramifications if the issue is solved/not solved. Analysis of the research is persuasive, shows command of the topics discussed and is unique to the writer. Conclusion (15)- Final statement summarizes research findings and analysis concisely and clearly. A final recommendation is proposed and supported. Supporting facts emphasize the main theme of the paper. Writing Mechanics and Proper Use of APA. Formatting Guidelines (10)- APA format is followed. Citations are appropriate and included after direct quotes and supporting information. Links to Course Readings and Additional Research are accurately identified. Citations/reference page is included and formatted correctly.The paper is grammatically sound and mechanical errors are minimal.

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