What are the shared goals of the community; why does this group exist, what does it do?

2. What mechanisms do members use to communicate with each other (for example, meetings, phone calls, email, text messages, newsletters, reports, evaluation forms)?3. What are the purposes of each of these mechanisms of communication (for example, to improve performance, make money, grow better roses, share research)?4. Which of the above mechanisms of communication can be considered “genres” (textual responses to recurring situations that all group members recognize and understand)?5. What kinds of lexis (specialized language) do group members use? Provide some examples.6. Who are the “old-timers” with expertise? Who are the newcomers with less expertise? How do newcomers learn the appropriate language, genres, and knowledge of the group?
THE DISCOURSE WILL BE HANDBALL TEAM. write the paper answering the prompt regarding that it will be for a handball team.only cite from the attached file and the link.the link :

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