What are your academic and career goals?

I have started to answer the below questions, I will upload two things that I have written about me. From those two things, I am hoping you can help me answer the below questions much more professional!

The Personal Statement is an essay that will help us learn about your life and your academic and career goals. This is a very important part of the application, so please take your time.

In a separate text editor (such as Microsoft Word), please write an approximately 500-1000 word statement (1.5-2 pages) addressing each of the following four topics:

1. What are your academic and career goals? Describe your goals and tell us your plan for meeting them.

2. How will your education benefit yourself, your family, and your community? The benefit to your community can be in any capacity, including as a volunteer, as a mentor, or directly through your career.

3. Which of your accomplishments makes you the most proud?

4. How have your life experiences, family, employment and volunteer work contributed to your present goals and/or hindered your ability to reach these goals? Comment on, for example, child-rearing, homemaking, eldercare or illness, as well as positive experiences and supportive relationships that have helped shape your goals.

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