What background research did the authors do? What were they interested in before doing their research? (The subject the authors are interested in that made them come up with a question that lead to a hypothesis.

Rubric:This assignment is meant to have you use what you learned about the scientific method on an article summarizing a Scientific Article. Remember that the scientific method is all about asking what, how and why. Scientists begin with with an area of interest that brings up several questions. After thinking about those questions they settle on the main one, which becomes their hypothesis. To test this hypothesis, they set up an experiment where they test different things. The data obtained from those tests are then analyzed and described in their results. Based on those results they will either conclude that the hypothesis was correct, incorrect, or that they need to do even more tests or studies. You have been emailed your assigned article. Please refer to page 5 of the syllabus on how to set up the paper and guidelines. You must submit this as a word document or pdf to the assignment in the Week 9 module so that it can be analyzed by UniCheck. The article will already have been submitted to SafeAssign as well. Failure to follow the instructions can result in reduced points or a 0, for example: submitting another article or not answering questions. Late assignments will lose 3 points per day late. These are the questions you need to answer in your words in the 1-2 pg Summary for full credit: 2. What question(s) did the authors come up with? How did this question become their hypothesis? What more specific problem or question in their background research led them to develop a hypothesis: the question or theory that can be used to build an experiment)3. Out of all their questions what did the authors decide to look at? Based on their hypothesis, how did they decide to set up their experiment? (This would be what the authors decided to compare in order to show what they hypothesize, aka want to prove.)4. What did they test and what did they find? (This is where you look at their data or discussion of the data and see what information they got from it. Did their data support or not support their hypothesis?)5. Based on what they found, what conclusions did the authors come up with? Did they prove their hypothesis? (After going over their data, what did the authors conclude about their experiment. Did they get the results they expected, did they learn something new, or did they find they need to re-do their entire experiment?)6. (This question is worth 10 out of the 25 total for the assignment) What questions do you have about what the scientists did in their experiment? What did you learn about this topic? Is this something you feel youd want to learn more about and why, or why not? How does it relate to anything you have learned in class so far? (This is where you can express your opinion A great response here would take up almost half a page)

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