What consequencesboth positive and negativedo you think would follow if we could place a moratorium on the use of statistical analysis in our research work?

Your report needs to have three distinct and clearly marked sections:a) The first part directly and succinctly lists five (5) of the most important insights about the limitations and dangers of statistical methods presented in the article. Please number these, and express each of them as clearly as you can in your own words, using a single sentence of 25 words or less (for each insight). b) The second part comprising several paragraphs (about 300-350 words total) will discuss the following question: This is a more creative task, one that goes beyond the actual arguments presented in the article itself to consider larger implications. c) Finally, in a single brief paragraph (about 40-50 words), the third part will summarize how your thinking has been affected by the article, regardless of whether you have mostly agree or generally disagree with Grumets ideas.

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