What did you learn about trauma and sensory processing and regulation from this case?

1. What did you learn about maintaining boundaries and roles as a mental health counselor when treatment victims of physical and sexual abuse as a result of this case?
Chapter 8:
1. What signs and symptoms of dissociative threat response are present in Ambers case?
Chapter 9:
1. What is Reactive Attachment Disorder (RAD)? What are the symptoms of RAD?
2. When it is appropriate to diagnose RAD in a client?
Chapter 10:
1. What is splintered development?
2. How does splintered development contribute to frustration in caregivers of children affected by trauma?
Chapter 11:
1. How can systems provide better trauma-informed care in ways that support traumatized children and prevent burnout in mental health practitioners?
Chapter 12:
1. Why is the DSM diagnostic classification potentially problematic when addressing developmental and complex trauma?

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