What different types of the conflicts of interest are highlighted in the film? How can possible conflicts of interest be alleviated?

Section A (25%) write a few words about the film / describe briefly the plot and the main characters / identify the main ethical issues / examine the behaviour of the main actors based on the different theories we discussed in class ( e.g moral dilemmas, ethical theories, subjective relativism, cultural relativism, divine command theory, consequentialism, ethical egoism, etc)
Section B (15%)- write my opinions and feelings about the film / what impact the film had on me / how do u judge the main character
Section C (50%) – answer the 3 questions, explaining why
Format , grammar , referencing (10%)Please find below the questions for the chosen film.

What are the fiduciary duties of an investment advisor? What are his or her ethical
requirements? What are the fiduciary and ethical obligations of a board member?
What is the level of ethics in the financial industry compared with those of other industri
What is the relation between deregulation and the level of ethics in the financial industry?

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