What do we need, to make a legit website? Also how can we attach MONJAZ to the website. Also how much the website will cost and how many customers we expect.

business case/ pitch or flat form Here is the whole story for this business case I did an interview and at the end of my interview they asked me to send them a business case and its about cars. I live in a country where we dont have CARFAX or AUTOCHECK. This company are working on something like CARFAX here in my country it called MONJAZ. They havent finished it yet so they told me what I can add in this MONJAZ program and how can we make it legit. Also how can we collect more data about the cars. For example, Dealers and car parts can help collecting the history and data about the cars. They asked me for more Ideas to collect data. AND what are they functions that we need in this program to make all the customers believe in us and we can have a lot of customers fast and we can give the customers the best history about any USED car before they buy it. If you can draw some function like a CARFAX and add it into Car.com that would be great. Part two they asked me since We dont have a legit selling and buying website like CARS.COM or AUTOTRADDER. What do we need to make the cars. Website famous and number one website If they like this business case, Ill get the job so please do your best and thanks a lot.

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