What do you think are the positive and negatives that this generation will bring?

Present in two paragraphs, your own views on how todays young adults (the Millennial Generation) will change our society. Take a position and defend it. Again, this is not a discussion about politics- your discussion must be about the culture of the Millennial Generation. You are looking at it from a societal perspective, just as if you were a Sociologist looking at this generation from all different perspectives. If you use outside sources,then you must use APA citations for those sources.
Think about the following:The Millennial Generation is the most educated, but also the generation most in debt with student loans. They are having a hard time finding jobs after college. Many are forced to go back home, and live with their parents after college.Millennials are changing the look of spending in America- their spending habits are differentMillennials are getting married later and having less childrenMillennials are changing the look of politics in America
Millennials are worried about the environmentNow that you have read about the many different ways that the Millennial Generation is different from the Silent Generation, the Baby Boomer Generation, and Generation X, think about the ways you think this generation is impacting our country- socially, politically, environmentally, economically and financially.

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