What does Don (the Mickey’s exec) represent? What does Rudy (the Colorado rancher) represent? What does Harry Rydell (UMP executive VP – Bruce Willis’ character) represent?

Each question needs to have 500 words, do not include questions in the 500, you can write question 1 and the answer, it does not require any format. 1) Eric Schlosser begins Food Inc. by pointing out the kinds of language used to market food (and meat in particular) coming out of the US industrial food system. Make some concrete connections between the Unit 12 Language Awareness essays (Pollan, Kingsolver, Liebman, Winne) and the strategies he specifies. Is there any discrepancy between those marketing techniques and a general belief by the American public in “truth in advertising”? 2) In Food Inc. (and The Corporation), a connection is made between the kinds of corporate and political collusion that encourage such issues as regulation breaking, corruption, illegal immigration, degradation of women and minorities, systemic social issues (disgruntled youth, cyclical/generational poverty, drug use, etc), and so on. We can say that individuals are responsible for their own actions – and that’s certainly true – but it must also be recognized that decisions can only be made within the context of the choices offered or enabled by a culture. Give some examples of other arenas (outside of the “food” realm but still within the corporate/political realm) in which this same kind of “shaping of options” takes place. 3) Let’s do some micro film character analysis of Fast Food Nation! Hit at least 5 or 6 of these and explain your interpretation of the roles. What do Raul, Sylvia and Coco (the undocumented immigrants) represent? What does Mike (the UMP supervisor) represent? What do Amber and her college friends represent? How about (Amber’s) Uncle Pete and her mom, Cindy? Anyone else? 4) One thread of analysis engaged in Fast Food Nation is the effectiveness of public protest/taking action as opposed to more passive methods of effecting change, e.g. the suggestion to “raise awareness,” write a “strongly worded letter,” and boycott various organizations. When Amber and her college friends take action, it doesn’t quite work out as planned. What were the flaws in their plan? What do you think they should have done instead? Would the passive approach mentioned above have been more effective? Discuss the analogy being made between the cattle who wouldn’t run free and the general American public who is mostly content to accept without question the corporate and political status quo. So, the end of Fast Food Nation. What’s your take on the little snippets of resolution after the credits begin to roll? What do you think the directors are trying to say? Why do you think the film ended the way it did?

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