What does it mean to be transgender, and how does the experience of individuals whose self-identity does not correspond to conventional notions of male and female compare to that of cisgender persons [i.e., those whose gender identity corresponds with their biological sex (Isaacs 314)]?

Paper 2: On Twenty-First-Century Gender ENG024/101-ALP Dr. Tabor
For Paper 2, choose ONE (1) of the prompts offered below:
Option A. Examine closely one of the advertisements posted in the Blackboard Twenty-First- Century Gender folder. Question: How do popular advertisements reinforce gender roles? To answer this question, use ideas gathered from at least TWO (2) of the assigned readings in conjunction with your close reading of one of the advertisements posed in Bb.
Option B. Not all people view or live gender in the same way. With this idea in mind,
compare the experience of gender as described by two or more of the authors weve read. Question: In what significant ways do two (or more) authors understand/experience the same gender differently? To answer this question, used ideas gathered from at least TWO (2) of the assigned readings.
Option C. Question:
Paper requirements:
Length: 3-4 pages minimum MLA format, 12 pt. font, 1 margins, double-spaced.
Sources minimum of TWO (2) of the following from Intersections:
o Andrew Romano, Why We Need to Reimagine Masculinity (329-334). o Emily Isaacs and Catherine Keohane, Twenty-First-Century Gender (312-316). o Hailey Yook, Chivalry Isnt Dead, but It Should Be (339-341). o Jennifer Finnery Boylan, A Life in Two Genders (324-329). o Jennifer Finnery Boylan, Trump, the CDC and the Peek-a-Boo Doctrine (in Bb) o Matt Duron, My Son Wears Dresses; Get Over It (317-320). o Sara Showfety, Field Guide to the Tom-boy High Heels and Pink? No Way (321-323). o Theodore R Johnson III, Chivalry, Feminism, and the Black Community (335-338).
MLA Citation: the paper must adhere to MLA in-text and work cited attribution standards. Below is a model template and example for sources above listed in the projects bibliography:
[last name, first name.] [Title of Essay]. Intersections: A Thematic Read for Writers. Eds. Isaacs, Emily and Catherine Keohane. Bedford, 2017, pp. [X-Y].
Example: Yook, Hailey. Chivalry Isnt Dead, but It Should Be. Intersections: A Thematic Reader for Writers, edited by Emily Isaacs and Catherine Keohane, Bedford/St. Martins, 2017, pp. 339-341.

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