What does this picture suggest about the impact of an individual’s ambition on self and others?

Write either a first person narrative (story) or a letter on the provided picture. Use prose form. My idea was a letter about this young man in the 1950’s who recently had a baby with his girlfriend, but the pressure of having the baby out of wedlock and him not being able to follow his dream/ambition of finishing university was shattered, among a multitude of other stresses caused him to just one day without a word leave his family behind in order to go after his ambition. The letter could be to his girlfriend either later in life or he leaves it on his pillow when he left. If you choose to write a short story then go through his journey and later in life how he meets his son and girlfriend in a bank or somewhere. But those were my ideas, feel free to get inspired, write creatively, and DON’T FORGET to include elements from the picture into the text/refer to the picture!

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