What genres is the writing using? How did you recognize that genre? Why would they choose that genre

Using article such as backpack vs. briefcase:steps toward rhetorical Analysis by Laura bloom Carroll, Birmingham jail treaties by MLK, the rhetorical situation by Lloyd F. Bitzer, and my letter which Im gonna provided the link to https://docs.google.com/document/d/1bP2prGR5vWNIHd3F20TPbJoKyEIZADlmA1z-DIVT7q4/edit
By stephania Jean

2. What is the context? Why does this matter
3. What is the rhetorical situation the writer is working with. (Exigence, constraints, audience) how do they handle it
4. What does the writer do to reach an audience
5. How does your letter interact with your second artifact? In other words, what kind of rhetorical choices and writerly moves do they have in common? In what ways do they differ? Why might this be?

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