What happens when disciplinary actions must occur? Lots of times employees will view a manager in a negative light if they have just fired someone everyone liked very much, but because the company required the firing the manager was stuck having to do it.

Please respond to the following student post based on the attached documents and the following URLs: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aKk0AaaFqtU&feature=youtu.be Student Post: “From reading about Authentic Leadership, Im leaning towards it not being a great way to portray yourself as a leader. The whole idea behind this form of leadership is that you are being yourself. I agree with the statement that this type of leadership is best positioned to inspire trust, loyalty and strong performances from employees (What is, (n.d.)), my issue is that this could turn out problematic for the company you as the leader are working for. Granted it would suggest that I am wrong, since this form of leadership does seem to produce good results.

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