What have been some of the most significant personal lessons learned through the program (managing time, family responsibilities, work / school / life balance)?

This assignment is an opportunity for you to reflect on your time in the Master of Science in Project Management program. As a reflective essay, I am expecting to read about your experiences in the program and your insights around applying project management moving forward. You may choose to focus on a certain aspect or on a variety of aspects that relate to your experiences.You should answer all of the following questions as part of your essay:
Personal Experiences:

What did you find most surprising about the program?
How can either/both of these be leveraged moving forward in your project management career?
Professional Experiences:
What classes were most relevant to your professional life and why?
How has this program prepared you to advance within your career?
What have been the most significant lessons learned/ insights about project management? What can be applied to support you in being more efficient and effective in your project management work? How will you do this?
What is your concentration and how have your non-project management courses contributed to your ability to lead projects?
What are some of the critical soft skills you have learned during the program? How can these be integrated into your project management work moving forward?
There are a host of similar questions, you could answer. So, if you think of other relevant questions, please add the question and your answer.
The final question you answer should be the following:
What advice would you share with someone who is thinking of enrolling in the program?

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