What is Peifer purporting as the purpose of public education and the responsibility of the school board?

As the midterm elections near (and pass by the time this assignment is due), there are many policy issues that candidates have taken a firm (or not so firm) stance on. A few of the polarizing topics include health care, the economy, public safety and infrastructure. One policy issue that impacts a significant portion of the populace is education. In the gubernatorial race, Brian Kemp and Stacy Abrams have outlined their respective policies for Georgia with Kemp focusing on childhood literacy and pay raises for teachers, and Abrams focusing on a revision of the state funding formula for public schools, smaller class sizes, more school counselors, better teacher pay, and expanded early childhood education. Most Americans agree that school improvement is necessary in both rural and urban locales, but the method for achieving measurable growth can be illusive and the functions of institutions such as school boards, parent organizations, departments of educations, and even schools themselves is ever changing. With federal and state mandates for education systems, many often overlook the responsibilities of local elected officials. For this week’s discussion, we will take a look at the responsibility of the elected officials afforded the privilege of establishing and carrying out policies at the local level: School Board Members. The article by Angie Piefer titled, “The purpose of public education and the role of the school board” highlights the observations of various segments of society as it relates to the purpose of the school board and public education. Copy and paste the link below to read the short article. https://www.nsba.org/sites/default/files/The%20Purpose%20of%20Public%20Education%20and%20the%20Role%20of%20the%20School%20Board_National%20Connection.pdfAfter reading the article, respond to the following questions: 1. First, summarize the main/central points made within the article. 2. Based on the main points of the article, what sociological theories/perspective do you find applicable or most closely associated? Describe in detail how the theories/perspectives help you to interpret and understand Peifer’s position. Are there any obvious contradictions or problems you see in this article as you think about the upcoming midterm elections and the education policies at stake? How would you challenge Peifer’s position or extend it?3. As a student, parent, future educator, or person in the workforce, what do you believe the purpose of public education to be and what responsibilities do elected officials hold?4. Finally, how does contemporary American schooling reflect societies values or priorities? In your observation and experience, do “we” really value education?

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