What is the aim of your study? What are the objectives for your study? Aim To investigate the preferred leadership traits in the perception of LGBT employees who are working in hospitality industry Objectives To review literature of cult

can you write the part number 2,3,4 with 2475 words. And the other parts just answer for example like this:”Ethical Issues Consent. All the participants will sign an agreement form before the start of conducting the study. This is to ensure every respondent is willingly engaging in the activity and there are no forms of force being applied. The form will be drafted before the due date of the actual study. Withdrawal from investigation. Respondents are allowed to choose if they can participate or not. The first few minutes will be used in outlining what is expected of them. Since it is questionnaire filling once a respondent has accepted to fill the questionnaire, he or she should do it until completion without failure. The only time allowed to withdraw is before starting to fill the questions. Protection of participants. Based on the questionnaire filling method applied, there are no risks attached since high levels of secrecy are maintained. No respondent will be subjected to any harm. Confidentiality. While conducting the study, it is important to maintain high integrity aspects. For instance, confidentiality of facts provided by the respondents is key. There will be no sharing with third parties or revealing the identity of anyone. It is right to be secretive. Use of official language. Respondents deserve to be respected and the use of vulgar language will not be encouraged.” Plus I have some files for you to have a look and stick by the book and there is another book which is really important: Research Methods for Business Students by Mark Saunders, Philip Lewis, Adrian Thornhill. And every parts needs to have in-text references and citations references.

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