What is your primary source of factual evidence (grounds/data) upon which your argument depends? How reliable is your source?

So far, this semester, you have researched an issue and analyzed the arguments put forth by other people about some aspect of that issue. Now, it is time to begin formulating your own argument about that issue. Your next essay will take the form of a Toulmin argument (described briefly here and at length here).A Toulmin argument requires you to identify what warrant connects your evidence to your claim. It then requires you to support that warrant against those who might disagree with it or prioritize another warrant which would lead to a different conclusion. Finally, it requires you to identify other premises (besides the main warrarnt) that might lead to different conclusions and to formulate your response to that counterargument.In this peer-review exercise, you will use the Toulmin framework to generate an outline for your upcoming essay. The assignment will ask you to write one or two sentences that identify the following six parts of your argument:Claim: What is your thesis (main claim)?
Grounds / data:
Warrant: What warrant must be accepted by the reader in order to connect the evidence to the claim? What type of stasis is it? (policy, value, cause, definition, fact, or something else?)
Backing: How might that warrant be disputed? Are there people who would reject it? Are there alternative warrants that might lead other people to different conclusions? What can you say to support your warrant? (This is the “backing” for the warrant.)
Rebuttal: Cite a specific article, blog post, speech, public comment, etc. that stands as a counterargument to your argument. Briefly give that counterargument’s main claim and main reason.
Qualification: What do you need to add to your claim so that your reader understands why the rebuttal does not disqualify it? What do you need to say to insure that your reader does not misunderstand the claim or confuse it with a slightly different claim?

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