What job opportunities seem to be arising? What pitfalls?

In this essay you will perform further research focusing on the future of your career choice. For example, if you chose a career in medicine, what trends do you see happening in health care (technological advances changing the actual job, hiring, wages, job scope, etc.)? You will be required to review articles published in your industry and look at both your narrative (essay 1) as well as do some synthesis of multiple sources to come up with a logical, realistic research essay.You will be required to review articles published by professional, peer-reviewed journals in your career field;
Other recommended sources are the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, industry professionals, association websites, etc.
Your research will also require elements of argumentation. When you take a stand and make bold statements about understanding historical and current patterns in your career field, you naturally will be making assumptions about what might happen in the future. But to have your audience agree with you and accept your premises/conclusions, you’ll need to argue or defend certain points in your discussion.

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